Commando Ro is one of Greasy Gamer's many alter-egos. Whenever Greasgorrok needs to kill someone fast with a blast, he transforms into Commando Ro. The Commando's attire is
  • A signature blue tie wrapped around his forehead
  • A rifle, grenades and/or shotgun
  • Motorbiker's boots
  • Sometimes he'll wear an army jacket

The name "Ro" was firstly inspired by Komodo Joe and Komodo Moe (the Komodo Bros.), but Ro came from the first two letters of Greasy Gamer's surname (Roberts). Little is known of Commando Ro's history or future appearances. When Undertaker isn't available, Commando Ro is ready even when Greasgorrok isn't.

Commando Ro is played by John Roberts

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