Greasy Gamer Racing (GGR) is a parody based on Ubisoft's Rayman Rush (Rayman M, on Playstation 2 and PC). The focus was mainly on the intro video, where the characters seem to be harmless, but are in fact taking part in abusing each other. Many suggestions were made, such as:

  • Undertaker and Greasgorrok walking together, until they meet a door. Undertaker keeps saying "after you". When Greasgorrok goes through the final door, he gets shot by an air-rifle, and Undertaker carries on with his journey.
  • N. Ding is slicing some lemons when he looks around and thrusts a knife into Greasgorrok's hand.
  • Sgt. Rambantango is drinking Undertaker's brew, when he gets a hatchet in the back from the forementioned.

Then the footage is shown, including character profiles and stills, such as:

  • N. Ding: He is slicing melons with such speed then forces a knife into a chopping board and gives a sinister look
  • Greasy Gamer, who sneaks up behind N. Ding and strangles him with an XBOX 360 controller cable.
  • Sgt. Rambantango: He is attempting to make Origami, but when interrupted by Greasgorrok, he slices him across the kneecap and lodges a chopstick into his eye
  • Undertaker: He's shooting some cans out the backyard, and on the otherside, he hits Greasgorrok.

Most of the intro video shows traps being activated, mainly through the means of a lightswitch and activating a door,

  • When Undertaker hits one switch, he opens the lavatory door, and goes in. When he leaves, he retreats and leaves everyone to be gassed.
  • Undertaker runs out the front door, but gets his coat stuck when N. Ding activates the switch.
  • Greasy Gamer runs out the front door without is coat, and has to go back to get it. N. Ding gets into his car and zooms off.
  • Sgt. Rambantango throws a grenade into Greasy Gamer's room, and locks him in, blowing his house up.

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