John Roberts is ecksbawks kid

Greasy Gamer in his Team Fortress 2 Review title card.The caption reads,"Team Fortress 2 isn't about getting all the hats. It's about telling everyone I have"This is a take on "Ecksbawks Kid".

Greasgorrok "Greasy Gamer" 99th

Greasgorrok 99th (better known as "Greasy Gamer") is supposedly the first Viking to review video games on the XBOX 360, Playstation 2 and PC. His history involves:

  • Being the son of Freya and her warrior-husband, Greasgorrok 98th
  • Becoming extremely wealthy in Las Vegas
  • Hibernating from his birth 'til he was around 15 years old.

When he was born, he was sent to Earth (although in the song "Smoke in Valhalla", he fell involuntarily) so the knights of Chaos didn't take him when they invaded. When he landed on Earth, he sat in the centre of a road (an island) and waited. What he waited for has not been announced. In the middle of the day though he rose and decided to walk to Las Vegas, where he earned his fortune. He spent it on video games and a plane to England, where he lived in Hoyland, Barnsley.

Greasgorrok paid half the amount for the house, while homeless zombie Undertaker paid the other, and together they lived in the same building. He often refers to Undertaker as a "flatmate" or "his personal gardener and mortician". Greasgorrok also claims to have an interruptive manservant (as proven in his first episode) and a maiden.

Greasy Gamer reviews games on the XBOX 360 and Playstation, often trying to find the flaws in the game rather than the finer points. Like most veteran gamers, he prefers gameplay above graphics, and in recent reviews he has started commenting on the soundtrack (mostly saying that he adores it).

He is notorious for his bad attitude and vulgar language, as his inspiration was Angry Video Game Nerd (James Rolfe of Cinemassacre) and the Nostalgia Critic (Doug Walker of That Guy with the Glasses). His imaginative swear words (known simply as "swearies") are inspired by the forementioned.

Greasy Gamer has many enemies in the Greenteeth multiverse:

  • SuperSatan 1000: First seen in the Doom Review, the SuperSatan 1000 killed Greasgorrok's lover, Sherri, by snapping her neck. It was supposed to be in the script that the demon states, "I was going to make it painful for her, but she resisted, and was lucky to have her neck snapped in the process".
  • N.Ding: A notorious scientist who is supposed to be the President of Leisure-Suit Larry creators Sierra. Greasgorrok learns of N. Ding when he finds that one of his favourite franchises has been destroyed by Sierra.
  • N. Trails: The Greenteeth equivilent of Crash Bandicoot's N. Gin. A hunchback scientist who works for the merciless N. Ding. In the end of the Crash Bandicoot review, N. Trails works for Greasy Gamer in a parallel universe.
  • SuperSatan 3000: Like the SuperSatan 1000, this version is a boss of DOOM and the second "baddest motherf**king thing after the SS1000" (one of its quotes). The idea was originally inspired by AVGN's Super-Mega-Death-Christ 3000.

Greasy Gamer is played by John Roberts.

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