Greasy Gamer: The Wrath of N. Ding is a video game where Greasgorrok and Undertaker must defeat N. Ding and his minions, N. Uals (Gabe Newell clones)

The game was never made, as John Roberts never took the Games Design course at his college. Instead, he made the trailer with the help of his father (as a cameraman).

Scenes include:

  • Greasgorrok and Undertaker in the spawn, waiting for a countdown. When the countdown ends, theY leave the spawn and kill the N. Uals.
  • Undertaker taking cover in the backyard, even though there's many N. Uals and SuperSatan 3000s.
  • Undertaker gives Greasgorrok an explosive drink, which should be thrown into N. Ding's base. However, Greasgorrok drinks it and blows up the house when he walks into it.
  • Undertaker burying Greasgorrok.

It was said that this trailer is the official death of Greasy Gamer, yet it could be argued that he survived because he was supposedly dead in the Medievil 2 Review (part 2).

The song used is David Bowie's "Cat People (Putting out the Fire)".

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