N. Ding is seen as the Greenteeth multiverse main villain. He was inspired by Doctor Neo Cortex of the Crash Bandicoot series (as most villains' names in that series began with N.<insert name here>, and the "N" would stand for something).

N. Ding's history involves,

  • Being the self-styled Overlord of Sierra (the makers of "Leisure Suit Larry" and had taken over the CB/Spryo series after Naughty Dog and Insomniac). John Roberts chose Sierra because he has a "burning hatred" against them, especially for ruining two of his favourite franchises.
  • Working with mad scientist N. Trails, the hunchback that works with Greasy Gamer in a parallel universe. He first appeared in "Greasy Gamer: Crash Bandicoot Review", at the end.
  • Hiring N. Danger, who is rumoured to be Undertaker's evil twin. N. Danger must assassinate Greasy Gamer and endanger reviewer-kind.

N. Ding is often found in a pinstripe suit, weilding an invisible Tommy-gun or an air-pistol. On many occassions he is defeated in battle, but returns under many strange circumstances.


N. Ding often works along, and uses a Tommy Gun to get his way around things. Yet he has many minions working by his side;

  1. N. Trails is the hunchback scientist who N. Ding relies on. Without N. Trails, N. Ding would not have anyone to take his anger out on, nor would he have his abilities and machines.
  2. N. Danger is N. Ding's favourite hunter and bodyguard. He's a bare-fist brawler, but sometimes takes to the rifle.
  3. M. Ulator is a mysterious character in the Greenteeth multiverse. He works secretly with N. Ding and hides in Greasgorrok's PC, reporting on his activity.
  4. N. Chant is N. Ding's secretery. Not much is known about her, but she helps N. Ding keep his hideout tidy and as comfortable as possible.
  5. N. Tangle is a huge tree-like creature who is vulnerable to fire. His appearance in a video is yet to be discovered.
  6. N. Rage is Greasgorrok when he's poisoned by a dart from N. Danger's blowpipe. But N. Rage still does N. Ding's bidding, until a cure is accidently found.

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