Sgt. Kabukiman in his film. This was the original inspiration for Sgt. Rambantango

Sgt. Rambantango is the fourth character introduced to the Greenteeth multiverse. He first appears in "Greasy Gamer: Kung-Fu Panda Review", where he takes Greasgorrok's place in the review. He is also known for reviewing Sgt. Kabukiman and appearing as a sub-character in various episodes. He was inspired by Sgt. Kabukiman, and Ray Vaughn from Phoenix Nights (hover over the image to see the caption)

Sgt. Rambantango's history involves:

  • A battle against a great Japanese warlord known as "Major Malibalibukuman (mally-bally-boo-koo-man)", who was Rambantango's mentor.
  • Rambantango being sent forward in time during the battle against Malibalibukuman to our age.
  • Malibalibukuman took pieces of Sgt. Rambantango's soul and stored them away in DVD's and games. When Rambantango reviews them, he gets that part of his soul back. Sometimes they restore a magical power he once had.

The Sergeant's first full title was:

Sgt. Rambantango - the mental oriental Samurai superhero!

His enemies are:

  • Malibalibukuman, for raising an army of pure evil, and gain world domination.
  • N. Ding - Rambantango's second worst enemy. N. Ding's headquarters are hidden high up in the mountains where Rambantango trained to become the ultimate warrior.

Sgt. Rambantango is played by John Roberts.

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