On many occassions Greasgorrok has been deemed "dead". His first death was said to be when he "finished" his Alien .vs. Predator Review (Part 2 of 3). He hadn't reviewed anything within six months, yet regular posts appeared on his YouTube channel. His first non-serious death was in his Medievil 2 review (Part 2 of 2), where he was destroyed by a bomb in a paper bag. Other deaths involve:
  • Suicide via shooting himself
  • Being shot
  • Being disintegrated by various villains
  • Having his castle destroyed by N. Ding's goons
  • Suicide via slitting his wrists
  • Being gassed
  • Being drugged
  • Having a banana lodged in his eye
  • Having grenades thrown at him

In his game Greasy Gamer: The Wrath of N. Ding, he was supposedly killed in an explosion after drinking a volitile drink (in the form of Coca-Cola). In Greasy Gamer Racing, deaths involve being run over, being gassed and shot, but others are environmental.

In each instance that Greasy Gamer dies (as a finale for a series), Undertaker resurrects him after performing a certain rite (a new one each time he dies). When Greasy Gamer regenerates, he might unlock a new ability or appearance such as,

  • Fire Fingers
  • Lazer Eyes
  • Super-Mecha-Robo-Hands
  • Summon
  • Garotte (with an Xbox 360 Controller Cable or AV Cable)
  • Shout
  • Throw Profane Tank (not to be mistaken for "propane" tank)
  • Armour (made from Saxton's Steel / Mann Co. Metal)

His true death time is unknown.

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