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Wolfgang Amadeus Mortis (AKA Undertaker) posing for a thumbnail picture.


Undertaker was the second character introduced to the Greenteeth multiverse. He is supposedly the first zombie who fought in the mafia to review films. His speciality is DVD and VHS, but may review films that have been made on YouTube (should they be requested).

Undertaker's lore begins in circa-1930's New York. He was a big hit with the NYC Mafia, and had been hired by Al Capone as a bodyguard many times. He was known mainly for his skill with a tommy gun (he refers to them as "Chicago Typewriters") and the invention of Relentless. Around 70 years later, he is reborn when someone - after drinking Relentless - urinates on his grave, and kills a gang of thugs. He looks at the can of Relentless, and cannot believe that someone had industrialized his brew without his permission. Like Greasgorrok, he has a vengeance plan, and that is to hide his assassination suspicions by reviewing films.

Although Undertaker is deemed older and wiser, Greasgorrok often finds him a pain, but a good sidekick and useful with a rifle. He is never really seen as the leader of the two, but still has the skills of one.

His enemies involve:

  • Pinstripello Potoroo: The villain from Crash Bandicoot who stole Undertaker's recipe and made it his own. Like Undertaker, Pinstripe is an old Mafia crazy, and can name all of UT's moves before he can use them.
  • N. Ding: Although he has never truly bothered Undertaker, N. Ding is still a potential threat, so he's carefully watched. He assassinates him in a short film, under the contract of Greasgorrok.
  • Mayor Dooley: Undertaker - when not reviewing films - is often found in NYC, and who is the leading mayor? Mayor Dooley. He's a corrupt and depraved obese man who hates films, romance and Undertaker's sugary brew, Relentless.

Undertaker is played by John Roberts

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